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Purchasing College Textbooks for Homeschooling

When we're looking for high school books, sometimes we purchase college texts instead, so I thought other homeschoolers might find some of my links useful. At this site you can enter the book name or ISBN of a textbook and it will search and pull prices from various online stores.  It also includes the rental price of textbooks. 

We've had good luck renting textbooks from  but there are other companies that do this also. is now renting some textbooks for 130 days.  You can return them for free in the first 30 days if it isn't what you want.  You can keep them for 130 days.  You can pay a fee and extend it.  You can purchase them and have the rental cost apply to the purchase price. Details about renting books from Amazon.

CollegeXpress at offers international versions of some textbooks.  I've never used them, but the concept is very interesting if there is a book you really want and can't find a cheaper alternative.

Used bookstores often have early editions of textbooks, when the colleges have moved on to later editions and won't buy the last edition back from the students.  The advantage is that you can hold them, flip through them to help you decide if it will work for you, and it is often at a much better price than you can find the current edition. 

More textbooks are being offered for ebook readers all the time.  I've heard that some colleges are moving to only ebooks.  The pros are that they are easy to carry around, so you'll always have it with you when you find time to study.  The negative may be that you can't resell them.  To a person who still had her college physics book 30 years later and used it for two kids, I'm not sure how much of a negative that is.  The other negative is that my stage-makeup book got stage makeup on it, and survived, but an eReader would need to be put in a Ziplock bag, same as I do when I'm looking at recipes on the internet while cooking.  Another negative is it is easier to tell that your child is actually doing thier math when their math book is open, than when they are just looking at their Kindle.  Wink.

Engela Edwards

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